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Who to Call, What to Ask . . .

Do you realize that many unoccupied homes and camps are being either broken into or
damaged by storms?  The damages could run into thousands of dollars.

We will be there to help you with your home or vacation property for peace of mind.

We are equipped to access any property and under all weather conditions.

Having built our own cabins and manage our sporting camp business,
we are experienced in home repairs, emergency situations and business relationships.

We work with lots of people and work hard to attain customer satisfaction with what we offer.

Dale has over 23 years of Full Time Law Enforcement.
Working each day with break-ins, damage, and patrolling areas from major routes
to many of the back roads, ponds and lakes.

Dale has also been a Registered Maine Guide for 25 years.


Storm damage can create havoc as well.
Damages can be more costly when the property is unoccupied
and damage remains undetected for a period of time.
The winter season especially brings problems that are unexpected and unforeseen,
such as heavy snow and ice.

Unfortunately if a property is broken into the break-in may go undetected for a long period of time. 
Any damage done to the property could leave it open to the weather
and wild animals causing evenmore expense.
In some cases the perpetrators even live in the camp for a short time.
Wouldn’t you like to know if someone is staying there when you aren’t?

Minor repairs can be arranged to secure premises that have been damaged, local Law Enforcement Department will be notified and information given to them to process the scene if there is a break-in.

Can you afford NOT to know what is
happening to your property
while you are not there? 
Breezy Acres Camp Security Service will help eliminate “surprises” upon your return to your property.

Properties are damaged by:

1. Snow and ice
2. Lightning strikes
3. Fallen limbs and trees
4. Fire
5. Water damage
6. Heavy winds
7. Animals
8. Break-ins

Breezy Acres Camp Security Service Packages
are available to cover a range of property concerns.
It is a small price to pay to protect your investment
and give you piece of mind.

       Packages are available as follows:

A. Monthly checks - $20.00

B. Twice a month checks - $30.00

C. Weekly Checks – Are available on request.

You will be contacted immediately either by phone or e-mail if damage
or a break-in has occurred on your property.

Additional Services available are:

1. Property checks done as soon as possible after an abnormal weather event.

2. Estimates can be obtained and the cost of repairs can be determined after inspection
and review of any damage occurring to your property.

3. Seasonal openings & closings, roof shoveling

4. Miscellaneous maintenance jobs.

Who to Call,
Breezy Acres Security Service

(207) 643-2920

Breezy Acres Camps
PO Box 414
Solon, ME 04979

(207) 643-2920

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